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Does insurance cover roof repairs?

Your house insurance may not cover roof repairs.

What qualifications do roofers have?

Roofers are skilled people and there are a variety of qualifications and training programmes available for those new to the industry.

Leading causes of leaking roofs

A leaking roof is a nuisance, finding where the leak is coming from can take some smart detective work.

What type of roofing do I need?

Your roofing contractor is the person to offer advice.

Guide to the Green Deal - How it can save you money

The Green Deal is a new government scheme that has been designed to encourage businesses and home owners to install more green technologies in their properties. 

Beware the roof wrecking Solar Panel cowboys

The renewable energy solution ‘solar’ has increased in popularity immensely over the past couple of years. But this boost has lead to a number of roof-wrecking solar panel cowboys. These rogues offer cheap services but they result in botched jobs that only prove costly in the long-run.

Six great reasons to install solar panels

Solar power has been the success story when it comes to eco-friendly living and energy production. Extremely versatile and cost efficient, it’s quickly becoming the most common used alternative energy source around. People all around the world are recognising its long list of benefits and so should you.
Here are some great reasons you should select solar panels to save money.

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