Why do roofs leak?

There are many reasons as to why a leaky roof can occur. The most obvious roof problems are from cracked or missing tiles which can be damaged from harsh weather conditions. But these can be easily repaired and replaced with the help of Relands Roofs (Bristol)’s reputable Select Installers.

However, leaking roof problems can also arise from other circumstances such as cracked mortar and flashing. According to the National House Building Council, traditional mortar bedding is the cause of more leaky roofs than anything else. And although it isn’t technically roofing, a blocked gutter can trigger dampness on internal walls.

A recent tendency for roof leaking repair comes about from homeowners trying to be ‘greener’ and installing solar panels on their roofs. Solar panels are not light objects and the system has to be designed specifically to cope with the UK wind and rain. Relands Roofs (Bristol) solar panels have been manufactured to cater to these climate conditions.

But a leaking roof can be caused not from a hole or rain but rather damp on the inside from condensation due to inadequate ventilation. Whatever causes a leak and roofing repair, it is important to have a reliable roofer to check it out beforehand to avoid any further problems or hefty bills.

Fixing a leak can be simple as well as cost-effective if you act fast. Not dealing with the repair quickly will only result in short-term havoc, long-term glitches and a costly fee. It is imperative that you treat the leak as an emergency and hire an experienced roofer to find the root of the problem straightaway to get it resolved.

Don’t let your leaking roof be a nuisance, let Relands Roofs (Bristol) find you a trusted local installer to repair it to a high quality standard. Relands Roofs (Bristol) has got your roofing projects covered; we are the solution to your roofing needs.

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