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Redland Solar PV Tile powers new homes

Whether to dry fix or wet fix your roof?

How you fix the tiles onto roof is now a subject of much debate. Find out more before you embark on your roofing project!

Integrated PV on your roof – worth considering?

If you are planning to replace your roof (and if it’s over 50 years old it may be time that you did), then think about using Solar PV as part of the project.

Do you know what makes a good roofing contractor?

Your roof is something that should keep you warm and dry and if invested in properly, it will be sure to last you for many years. When you search for a new roofing contractor, do you just pluck the first name out of the Yellow Pages, go by friends’ recommendations or do you actually know what you should look for? Here’s our checklist of top things you should look out for:

How to spot problems on your roof

The roof takes up approximately one third of your home so it’s worth a regular check to make sure that there are no problems to ensure it keeps you warm and dry for many years.

Will building regulations affect my roof?

It’s often easy to forget when renovating or building a new roof that you must check the building regulations that could affect your project.

Ventilating your roof space

Cooking, washing, heating and living creates moisture which rises up to the roof. If it can’t escape, it causes damp in your roof space.