Whats the importance of roof felt?

Unless you have a problem with your roof, you may never need to know what roofing underfelt or underlay is.

So what is underlay or roofing underfelt? Well, underlay sits on the roof rafters, underneath the battens and tiles.  It provides a layer of insulation and an extra waterproof barrier for any moisture which gets under the roof covering. It also protects the roof against wind-driven rain getting through the tiles and it also drives any rainwater that has leaked between the tiles back to the gutter.

Underlay needs to be treated with care to make sure it stays in good condition. If roofing felt gets damaged or torn – whether by furniture or people scraping into it - then the roof’s water tightness is compromised and it could leak. It’s really important to get tears mended immediately and to check it regularly for wear and tear,  just as you should the outside of your roof.

Small tears can be repaired using roofing felt adhesive and a piece of felt as a patch, but only if you are sure this is the source of the leak. If, for example, the underfelt is often wet, then you need to investigate the roof for the cause of the leak. Rainwater should only get through to the felt in exceptional driving rain. 

If you are not sure, then get a professional roofing contractor to give your roof a thorough check.

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