Self Builds

Self build houses now account for 20% of all new houses built in the UK each year – so you are not alone!

When you are designing your house, remember that the roof is more than just a weatherproof cover – the way it is designed will help determine the character of the building.

There may be local planning laws that dictate the look of your self build house and may insist that you use a particular type of tile. Even if there aren’t, you should consider the style of the local architecture to work out how to make your home fit comfortably into its environment.



Decorative roofs

If you build your own house you have the freedom to do whatever you like – so don’t think the roof has to be made of simple flat planes. Consider ridges, decorative hips and valleys or hanging tiles to give a period feel.

For the British climate you will ideally chose a pitched roof with a pitch roof between 30deg and 40deg. This is ideal for combating rain and snow and also great for solar panels.

Using quality materials

Generally speaking, a self build costs less than buying an existing house, but make sure you don’t try and cut corners. When designing your roof, consider the fixing: dry-fix systems will be the most reliable and last the longest (Dry-Fix is always recommended in areas of high wind). And chose the tiles you will want to look at for the next few decades, not just the cheapest.

Self build homes invariably represent the dreams of their owners but you need to keep your feet on the ground when you’re designing the project. Make sure you have thought about the whole roof design and all the materials at the start to make sure you have the budget to do the job properly. 

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