Who are the Redland Select Members?

However much you know (or don’t know) about roofing, the key to any successful project is to find a reliable roofer.

Our Find a Trusted Installer section of the site gives you access to a database of professional roofers who will provide the level of service and workmanship that you will need for this important project.

There are many organisations that list registered roofers, but only our Redland Select members have the backing and support of one of the most respected manufacturers in the UK.

All of our Redland Select roofers areTrust Mark contractors.

The Trust Mark Scheme
Trust Mark is a government-backed set of criteria that identifies trustworthy contractors.  Any contractor that carries the Trust Mark will:

Be independently checked through regular onsite inspections
Have an insurance backed warranty
Give deposit protection insurance
Have had their trading record and financial status checked
Provide an independent complaints procedure

For full details of all the assurance offered by Trust Mark, go to www.trustmark.org.uk

Roofing Industry Associations
Having established the criteria, the government then appointed a number of trade associations to administer the TrustMark accreditation.  These trade associations make sure their members meet all of the criteria required by TrustMark, and provide additional consumer protection measures as well.

Redland Select members will all be members of one of the following organisations:
National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC)
The Competent Roofer Scheme
The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) MasterBond or (NRWB) National Register of Warranted Builders

For more information on these organisations, and the extra protection they give consumers, go to their websites on:  www.nfrc.co.uk  www.competentroofer.co.uk  www.fmb.org.uk

Membership of these organisations gives you the reassurance that these firms are
genuinely reliable roofers.

Using products and systems designed by Redland, Select members will be able to give you a 10-year guarantee of maintenance-free roofing.  That’s a guarantee of reliable roofing for your home.

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