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Emergency Roof Repairs - Why and Who?

If your roof suffers major damage you will need repairs fast – not just for the protection of your own property, but also to prevent falling slates or tiles endangering anyone.

Building your own home? Don’t ignore the roof

There is a lot to consider when building a new home. Location, the mortgage, as well as the layout and space required are just a few of the many factors to be considered. However the structural elements are the most important in the long-term. When building your own home you should make sure you budget properly for the roof as it takes up around one third of the home and if built properly, should keep you warm and dry for many years.

What is the effect of wind, snow, storms and rain on your roof?

It’s the time of year to batten down the hatches and stay inside. But how do you make sure your roof keeps you warm and dry?

The cost of roof repairs

If your roof leaks, it’s not just the roof repair you need to think about.   Rainwater coming into your house will cause expensive damage to the interior decoration.