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Top tips for buying a new roof

Buying a new roof, like most DIY or renovation projects within the home can be expensive, time consuming and sometimes frustrating.Here are some great tips to ensure your roofing project is a success. 

Why you should never undertake DIY roofing

Times are tough and money is tight so it is no wonder why so many people are attempting to undertake their own DIY projects. It can prove to be expensive to hire a contractor to undertake your roofing but the effects of doing it yourself can be even more costly if it goes wrong. 

Six great reasons to install solar panels

Solar power has been the success story when it comes to eco-friendly living and energy production. Extremely versatile and cost efficient, it’s quickly becoming the most common used alternative energy source around. People all around the world are recognising its long list of benefits and so should you.
Here are some great reasons you should select solar panels to save money.

How to install Solar Panels

Despite the level of demand for solar energy growing significantly in their UK, there remain several issues that prevent the concept from taking hold nationwide. 

Homeowners warned against Rogue Roofing Traders

Many elderly people in the UK are being pressurised into agreeing to unnecessary roof repair work, warned a roof manufacturing company.

Top Tips to help your roof last longer

A new roof project is one of the most important tasks that can be carried out in your home. It is a time consuming, and most of the time expensive project which you don’t want to have to repair only a few years down the line just because it wasn’t maintained correctly.
Here’s a handy guide to ensure you can make your roof last as long as possible.

Solar Power Roofing rising in popularity

Solar power is a really popular renewable energy source simply because it can save homeowners thousands of money off their energy bills as well as cut the property’s carbon footprint.