Redland’s PV System Guarantee

Redland Solar PV Systems are covered by the Redland 15 Year Roof System Guarantee and a 25 Year Power Output Guarantee from the PV tile manufacturer.

These guarantees combine to give the comprehensive guarantee for any Solar PV System you will find in the UK market.

For a homeowner to qualify for a Feed-in-Tariff, both the PV system and the installer must be MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified.  Redland Solar PV has undergone rigorous performance testing for storm and driving rain conditions and spread of fire resistance and has been awarded Certificate No: MCS BBA 0019. To see further details of our Certificate, please visit our Solar PV product range on our main Redland website.

Our Solar PV Systems are designed to be as strong and weathertight as the surrounding roof.