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Top tips to make your roof look better

When decorating your home, it can be a fun and creative experience.  However its important to consider the exterior of your property as if this isn't maintained property, problems could arise in the future.

Leading causes of leaking roofs

A leaking roof is a nuisance, finding where the leak is coming from can take some smart detective work.

Do you need to clean up your roof?

Roof tiles can collect moss, lichen and other vegetation. Can these cause roof leaks?

Know your fascia from your soffit

Confused by roofing terminology?  This is a common one.

Is your roof warm or cold?

The type of roof insulation you need will depend on whether your roof is warm or cold

Why do we distrust Roofing Contractors?

When we asked homeowners which trade they felt was least trustworthy, a staggering 16% said they felt roofers were worst - far higher than painters and decorators, electricians, bricklayers , carpenters or tilers.

The lead free roofing solution

Lead has served our roofs well over the years, offering lasting protection and an attractive and popular finish for homes big and small.

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