Your Project Checklist

  1. Identify as closely as you can where the problem is.
  2. Select contractors from our Trusted Installer list. If it is a significant job, always ask for three quotes to compare.
  3. Ask the contractor to do a detailed inspection and produce a report indicating the scale of the problem and the areas to be fixed.
  4. Ask for a fully itemised quote that breaks down the cost of materials, labour and scaffolding etc. 
  5. Do some homework so that you understand some of the options available. Don’t necessary go with the cheapest. A good-looking tile may be more expensive, but make a real difference to the look of your house. Dry-fix is likely to be more expensive than mortar fixing, but will last longer and be more reliable. 
  6. Make sure it is the same company that will actually be doing the roof: not subcontracting the work.
  7. Check what warranties are offered by the contractor – if they are using a Redland system it should be a full 10 year guarantee.