See How It’s Done

Thousands of solar panel installations now take place in the UK each year. The following pictures give an idea of how those installations are carried out.

This picture shows an integrated solar PV tile being positioned within a new roof. You can see how it simply replaces a single course of tiles.

Before any solar panel installation takes place, the inverter cable must be connected up so that the DC current generated by the solar panel can be connected to the household electrical supply.

Once one solar panel has been securely fixed, a second is installed immediately above.  The number of panels used will dictate how much electricity is generated by the solar panel installation.

And this picture shows a house with integrated solar PV tiles in the roof – can you see them?

This picture shows an On-Top system being installed.  As you can see, it sits above the roofline and does not need any of the existing roof tiles to be replaced.   Installation should take less than a day.