Seasonal Leaks

A leaking roof is the most common reason that people contact roofing contractors for repairs.  But damp in your loft space may not be caused by water coming in from the outside: it could be condensation.

We create a lot of water vapour in our homes: showers, cooking and the weekly wash all contribute and, if your house is well insulated, then that water vapour will stay inside.

What typically happens is that warm damp air rises up through the house and ends up in the roof.  If you don’t have enough ventilation up there then it can condense on the underside of the tiles.

The problem can be really significant, with enough water to soak your insulation and cause mould or rot on the timbers.

You will know if your damp roof is caused by condensation if you only get the problem in cold weather– so if you thought you had a leak last winter, but the roof has been fine all the way through the summer, it’s worth checking again during the first cold snap.

The cure for condensation is to increase the amount of ventilation in the roof space: we recommend both high and low level ventilation to ensure a good flow of air.  

Don’t let anyone tell you that vapour permeable underlays will solve the problem on their own: they won’t.  You will need proper ventilation and your Redland Select member will be able to give you the right advice.


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