Your Project Checklist

  • Check there are no planning restrictions that dictate the shape or style of the roof.
  • Check the weather conditions in your area.  If you have particularly high winds you will need to pay particular attention to the fixings.
  • Consider the pitch of the roof.  A pitched roof of between 300 and 400 degrees is ideal for the British climate and particularly good for solar panels.
  • Check out the range of roof designs that are possible – your contractor may not actively suggest these as they are more difficult to build.
  • Make sure the roof is adequately ventilated.
  • Check who will actually be installing the roof.  You need a roofing specialist and your builder may subcontract the work.  Check that the roofing contractor is a Redland Select member.  If you go to an FMB Masterbond member they will be able to do the full build including the roof and give you the roof system guarantees you want.
  • Cost every aspect of the roof before you start the build to make sure you have sufficient budget set aside.