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How much is a new roof in the UK?

The cost of a new roof will vary considerably – make sure you budget for every element.

How much does a bungalow loft conversion cost?

You could effectively double your living space by converting the loft of a bungalow – but there are particular costs associated with this type of project.

How much is a new roof for a house

The cost of a new roof varies, but there are ways of keeping the price down

Can I get a grant for a new roof?

If your roof is leaking and you don’t have the money to repair it, you may be able to get help from your council

When should you change concrete roof tiles

Nothing lasts for ever and roofs are no exception.  However, it is not usually the roof tiles themselves that wear out.

How much for a new roof in London?

A new roof is a major undertaking, but it should last for over 50 years.  Various factors affect the cost, geography being one

How much do loft extensions cost?

A loft extension can give you extra living space and add to the value of your home.  The cost will vary depending on the size and the type you go for.

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