Find a roofer

Find a roofer

You don’t want to be an expert on roofing, you just want to know that your roof will keep the weather out – permanently.

You probably won’t give your roof a second thought unless you are taking on some building work or unless your roof starts to leak.  Once you do start thinking about it you will find that there is more to a roof than just the tiles (although they’re important too).

At Redland we really know about roofs because we make them.  This website explains the basics and gives you a good idea of the factors you need to consider when making your roofing choices. 

If it’s the look of the roof you want to check, go to our Find the Right Tiles section and use the Visualise your Roof tool to see what it will look like on your house.  If you want to be able to “speak roofing” with your contractor, then go to the What’s in a Roof section for our jargon buster.

While we know about roofing, what we don’t do is install our roof systems:  we rely on skilled roofers to make sure our products work on people’s homes.

We deal all the time with roofing contractors who we know are well trained and give great service.  We thought it was time to tell homeowners about them, so we formed Redland Select.