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Hip Systems

Different types of Hip Systems

Dry Hip System: has delivered years of trouble-free service throughout the UK.  With very high resistance to storm damage and no mortar required, concerns about mortar failure can be ignored.  The Dry Hip system also has exceptional durability with a design life exceeding 30 years.

Rapid Hip System: is an esy to fit maintenance free hip system with very high resistance to storm damage.  The system also ventilates the batten cavity when use with Spirtech 250 underlay.  part of the Rapid + Range of products.

Cambrian Mitred Hip System: specifically designed for sue with Cambran slates to achieve a neat mitred hip detail whilst ensurng very high resistance to storm damage over a wide range of rafter pitches and plain angles.

Plain Tile Bonnet hips: Traditional Bonnet Hip Tiles available in concrete and clay, suitable for plain angles of 90 degrees.

Clay Plain Tile Arris Hips: Traditional angular Arris Hip Tiles available in clay.