Like living where you are, but just need more space? Or do you think the money of buying a new house could be better spent improving your existing home?  

You’re not alone. Building an extension is an increasingly popular way to get the house you want.

Although the cost of an extension can be significant, it is a good way to add value to your home


Key to a successful building extension is to keep in mind the look and feel of the existing property. Prominent features must be matched, and one of the most eye-catching of these is the roof. Matching new tiles to the original will immediately help the extension blend seamlessly with the original. Check our range of tiles to find products that match.

Remember that the roof is an absolutely critical part of the project and make sure you reserve a big enough percentage of the cost of the extension to do the job properly. You may not want to use the cheapest materials available, so work out what roofing you want at the start of the project to ensure you have the budget.

Check also the state of your existing roof. If it’s over 50 years old it may be reaching the end of its life so it could be a cost-effective option to replace the whole roof now. The additional expense may not add too dramatically to the extension costs, whereas replacing the existing roof in five or ten years’ time will be an expensive exercise.

When you build an extension you will employ a builder for most of the work, but make sure you have an expert working on the roof. The builder may subcontract the roofing work, so make sure the subcontractor is a Redland Select member.   

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