Why is looking after your roof so important?

However as your roofing provides the main protection for your home, if it starts to deteriorate then it can cause significant damage and expense by quickly spreading damp through your home. It pays to act quickly.

Roofing is not a DIY job, so always call on a good, professional roofer for advice when you spot problems.

The most usual areas for roofing problems are around slates or tiles, round the flashing, chimney stack, solar panels and even the gutters. A roofer can help with all of these.

First stop are the tiles themselves. Cracked or tiles missing from your roof are an obvious reason why your roof may be leaking. Also, the lead used where the roof meets a vertical wall, around the edges of chimneys, solar panels or windows will leak if it starts cracking.

Next stop is checking for cracked mortar. The first you may notice are pieces of mortar on your ground around your roof.

Although gutters are not technically roofing, it’s vital to make sure no gutters are blocked as this can cause a damp problem in internal walls, as well as externally with backed up water in the downpipe.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that the evidence of roofing problems may be on the inside, not the outside. If the roof ventilation is not up to the job, then there may be damp on the inside of your home.

Remember a good, professional roofer, will be able to advise you.

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