Can the Cost of a New Roof Pay for Itself?

Can the Cost of a New Roof Pay for Itself?

There is nothing more exciting than having the opportunity to design your own house. While you may not be an architect you can still have a hand in choosing not only the actual design and layout, but options in building materials as well. This includes, of course, the roof style and covering you will use.

Cost vs. Function

The cost of a new roof may be an issue, but more importantly you should consider function. Trying to save a few pounds in the construction phase may end up costing you tens of thousands down the road. Let My Redlands Roof contractors help you choose wisely because your new roof should be built to last 20, 30 or even 40+ years depending on the roofing materials you employ. Also, when installing the roof you may wish to consider solar tiles to heating or solar PV cells for generating electricity. A little extra in the cost of roof tiles now will provide significant savings over the years.

Cost of New Roof Installation

After you have factored in the structure of your roof and the type of covering you will use, it is time to look at the cost of new roof installation. Some people may have the ability to roof a new home but there may be a time when that is counterproductive, even for experience builders. This is most important when you use solar photovoltaic cells on the roof to generate electricity. The government has a feed in tariff programme wherein any excess power generated and fed into the national grid can provide a feed in tariff in which the homeowner actually makes money from that excess.

The Importance of an MSC Accredited Roofer

Consider this for just a moment. Not only will you be using what amounts to as ‘free energy’ from the sun but you can also make a profit by selling excess into the grid. In effect, the cost of a new roof will virtually pay for itself over time! However, keep in mind that unless you use MSC certified materials installed by a Trustmark approved MSC certified roofer you will not be allowed to collect the feed in tariff and My Redlands Roof is the place to find both.