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Renovating your roof? Which tile should I choose?

The style of the roof is hugely significant in determining the character of a house, but it’s something that few of us really take time to consider.

Slate Roofing - A great Welsh invention

Slate tiles for roofing  are a common feature of housing design – originating in Wales and now commonplace throughout the UK – or are they?

The British weather – what it means for roof design

Redland's Dry-fix system won't let you down. Find out how you can keep dry with a reliable dry-fix roof over your head.

Replacing a tile: a common roof repair

Roof tiles can get damaged: replacing a single roof tile immediately is essential to prevent the roof leaking

Another use for roof tiles

Roof tiles can also be used on the façade of a building – both for weatherproofing and style.


Know your fascia from your soffit

Confused by roofing terminology?  This is a common one.

Check out the chimney

When you’re giving your roof the once-over, don’t forget to look at the chimney.

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