What’s in a roof? Jargon explained

We don’t look up to our roofs often enough.  If we did, the range of shapes, sizes, colours and details used in house roofs would be more widely recognised.

Whether its a new roof, an extension, or even just replacing a few tiles, it helps to know some of the terms used.  Designing the best weatherproof roof structure is an involved process – knowing the language will help you when talking to roofing contractors and getting quotes.  Questions such as what are tiles made of,  and what are the different styles available, can help you choose a roof that is in keeping with both your house and your neighbourhood.  Also knowing what damage a roof can suffer due to weather conditions, will come in handy, and knowing how to avoid future problems such as leaking roofs, or tiles blowing off is useful knowlledge to have.  

A new roof is a big investment, both in terms of the work required as well as financially.  It will have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your home – so it’s worth taking some time to find out: What’s In a Roof?


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