Building Your Dream House

Building Your Dream House

Building your own house can be a dream come true but sometimes those dreams quickly turn into nightmares if you don’t contract qualified builders to help with the construction. For this reason, My Redlands Roof has provided a list of fully accredited builders and roofers to choose from. Wherever you live in the UK, you are sure to find roofers and builders who are FMB MasterBond, NFRC and MCS accredited simply by browsing through the references we have listed here.

Do It Your Way but Do It Right

One of the reasons why most people build a house to their specs is because of the fact that there are certain customisations that they want or need but have not been able to find a construction that has those features. They have an architect draw up the blueprint but then find themselves in a quandary looking for someone to help them read from the print and build per those specifications. It would seem as if all builders should be able to do just that, but this is not always the case, especially when you are planning an eco friendly self build home.

The Difference between a Builder and a Master Craftsman

Believe it or not, just having a general builder’s licence doesn’t make a builder a master craftsman. Building a house is just as much an art as it is a science and it takes a master craftsman to build custom designed homes. From the foundation to the roof, when you build your own house everything in the blueprint needs to be up to spec. Contract builders who are accredited by the Federation of Master Builders. This goes for roofers as well, but these should also be accredited by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. As well, if you are going to incorporate any form of sustainable energy production you will most definitely need a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) builder/roofer.

Keep these things in mind when planning to build your own house and by all means browse through our list of references for the builders and Trustmark approved roofers with the proper accreditations and certifications.