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Leave out the mortar to prevent roof leaks

New guidance from the National House Building Council suggests mortar is the culprit in many leaking roofs

Designing your roof to prevent leaks

The primary function of a roof is to keep out the weather.  The way it is designed should prevent leaks

Replacing a tile: a common roof repair

Roof tiles can get damaged: replacing a single roof tile immediately is essential to prevent the roof leaking

Building a house? Focus on the roof

The structure of the roof is as important as the structure of the walls when you’re building a house

Is your roof warm or cold?

The type of roof insulation you need will depend on whether your roof is warm or cold

What’s the point of a gutter?

The guttering is a vital part of your roofing, make sure it works properly to prevent roof leaks

Concrete roof tiles have green credentials

Thinking about the environmental impact of your roof tiles.  Research shows that concrete roof tiles have a strong green argument

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