Do I Need Planning Permission for My Self Build Home?

Do I Need Planning Permission for My Self Build Home?

When setting out to construct a new self build home in the UK it can be a bit confusing in terms of which parts of the construction you will need planning permissions for. Actually, the rules have changes as of October 2008 which means that many people may still not be up on some of the current planning regulations which have gone into effect. Of course the younger generation probably isn’t too concerned with these changes because they never knew the ‘old rules,’ but for those of us who had experience with adding extensions or building a loft conversion when redoing our roofs, we may need to question, “Do I need planning permission?”

Building vs. Maintenance

In general, you will need planning permission for extensions or new constructions most of the time, but planning permission roofs? Actually, if you are simply repairing a roof you would not need planning permission. That is just a basic rule of thumb that you can go by if you are in doubt but there really is an easier and more accurate way to determine whether or not you need to be concerned with getting the proper permissions.

Certified Master Builders

Of course you are intent on building your own home but that doesn’t mean that you will be hammering every nail by yourself or installing PV solar cells on your roof! You will most likely be hiring certified master builders and contractors for various parts of the construction such as the electrical wiring and the roof. Look for builders who are Trustmark approved, accredited by the Federation of Master Builders and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors if you are hiring a roofing contractor. As well, if you are self-building a home with sustainable energy, you will need to contact a MCS (Microgeneration Certifications Scheme) roofer.

Any master builder who is duly certified or accredited would be the best person to ask about current planning regulations. Check out My Redlands Roof’s list of Trustmark approved roofers in your area who also hold these qualifications as they would be able to help you with both your roof and where to go for the permissions you will need.