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Never undertake DIY roofing

Millions of people are attempting DIY projects around the home but it is resulting in unfinished improvements and jobs that go terribly wrong. 

Top tips for buying a new roof

Buying a new roof, like most DIY or renovation projects within the home can be expensive, time consuming and sometimes frustrating.Here are some great tips to ensure your roofing project is a success. 

Why you should never undertake DIY roofing

Times are tough and money is tight so it is no wonder why so many people are attempting to undertake their own DIY projects. It can prove to be expensive to hire a contractor to undertake your roofing but the effects of doing it yourself can be even more costly if it goes wrong. 

Slate Roofing - A great Welsh invention

Slate tiles for roofing  are a common feature of housing design – originating in Wales and now commonplace throughout the UK – or are they?

Give your roof a health check and download our roof healthchecker

It’s quick and easy to give your roof a health check. Simply use MyRedlandRoof’s danger signs to look out for problems both inside and outside your roof.
To check your roof from the outside, try standing away from the house, perhaps on the opposite side of the road, grab a pair of binoculars and scan the roof.

Download our roof Healthchecker here.

The British weather – what it means for roof design

Redland's Dry-fix system won't let you down. Find out how you can keep dry with a reliable dry-fix roof over your head.

How to find a roofer

Your roof is simply too important to take a chance – you need to know that the roofing company you choose will do a good job. So what do you look for?

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