About the Redland HomeSpec Guarantee

Our HomeSpec Guarantee

The Redland HomeSpec System guarantee is a ten year product guarantee that covers the whole roof system: the tiles, fixings, components and flashings that provide you with a maintenance free weatherproof roof.

The HomeSpec System guarantee is only valid if the whole system is made of Redland products.  When the roofing project is complete, your contractor will give you a HomeSpec Checklist that lists all the products used on the roof.

The card also has the membership number of the Redland Select Installer (see the top right hand corner).  To download your Redland HomeSpec guarantee you need to type this number into the Guarantee form and download your guarantee.  You can do this here

You should keep both the checklist and the guarantee in a safe place as these two documents together provide the 10 year guarantee.

We have made the process as simple and straightforward as possible to provide you with peace of mind that your whole roofing system is covered.  For more information on exactly what is covered, take a look at the details on Benefits of the Dry-Fix System.

Our Guarantee

  • is valid for 10 years and covers the whole roofing system
  • is only valid if the whole system is made of Redland products
  • can be downloaded from this website on completion of your project