What does TrustMark mean?

All Redland Select members are also members of the TrustMark scheme – but what does this mean for you?

TrustMark is a scheme set up and run by the Government in order to help homeowners find reliable tradesmen such as roofers or builders.

If a roofing contractor has the TrustMark logo, then you know that they have had to pass a set of checks.  These include: a check on their technical skills which will involve on-site inspection.  Trading records and the financial status of the company will have been checked and the company will have signed up to a Code of Practice.

Any professional roofer signed up to TrustMark will have: an insurance backed warranty on their workmanship; deposit protection insurance and a user-friendly complaints procedure in case things go wrong.

As a manufacturer, Redland knows all about its products – so is happy to provide a 10 year guarantee on the roofing system.  But we can’t do everything, so we trust the organisations that run the TrustMark scheme to make sure the roofing contractors that join our Redland Select scheme are professional, well-run and financially secure roofers.

NB: Do be careful about Solar PV installers.  TrustMark does not certify companies to install Solar PV – they need to have a different certification: Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).  Any roofing specialist within the Redland Select scheme listed as a Solar PV Installer will  have the MCS certification, but do ask to be sure.

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