Why do we distrust Roofing Contractors?

When we asked homeowners which trade they felt was least trustworthy, a staggering 16% said they felt roofers were worst - far higher than painters and decorators, electricians, bricklayers , carpenters or tilers.

So why is this? Is it because we can’t actually see what these tradesmen are doing to our roofs? Also its difficult to tell whether a good job has been done until something happens once the job has been finished, such as whether the tiles blow off in high winds, or when we suddenly have a leaking roof on a rainy day. 

In my experience, it’s the horror stories you hear on the grapevine that make you doubt.  Such as finding out that the roofing company who replaced your neighbours Mr and Mrs Smith’s old roof, used the wrong tiles because they were not proper trained roofers.

With roofers, as every tradesperson your employ, you need to check out their reputation and see previous jobs.  Make sure they are properly certified and always set up a formal, legal contract, and whatever you do, don’t pay in cash or upfront. If you have a problem with their work, then deal with it as you go along, don’t wait until the end of the job to say that you didn’t like what they did two weeks ago and finally, if in doubt, always get a second opinion.
Put it this way, you wouldn’t go into an expensive restaurant, and pay up front for a three course meal and wine.  Why would you do the same when having work done to your roof?

Good news for roofers though, over half those questioned – almost 60% - thought all trades were completely trustworthy. And less than 3% would resort to DIY roofing because they don’t trust roofing firms. In fact the main reason why people try to do DIY roofing is to save money.

For help finding a decent, professional roofer in your area, visit www.myredlandroof.co.uk/trusted-installers/.

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