Leading causes of leaking roofs

Leaking roofs are a number one nuisance.  It can be very difficult to work out where the leak is coming from and different weather conditions can produce leaks in different places.

More confusingly, where there are horizontal roof boards or rafters the leak may be eight to 10 feet away from where you see a wet ceiling.

Our top five places for roofs to leak are:

1. The tiles themselves: cracked or missing tiles are an obvious culprit

2. Flashing: the lead (or lead replacement) around the edges of chimneys, windows or where the roof meets a vertical wall.  Older cracked flashing can often be the cause of leaks. Watch Video.

3. Gutters: OK, not technically roofing, but a blocked gutter will cause just as much of a damp problem in internal walls.  And if the gutter is overflowing it’s worth checking the downpipe and drain – if these are blocked, the water backs up

4. Cracked mortar: traditional mortar bedding accounts for more leaky roofs than anything else, according to the National House Building Council.  If you see pieces of mortar in your garden, you could have a problem

5. Solar panels: these are causing an increasing number of roof leaks. If you are thinking of installing Solar panels on top of your tiled roof make sure the manufacturer has designed the system for UK weather conditions.  Redland solar panels have been manufactured specifically for UK wind and rain, but not every system has.

And finally – the leak that isn’t a leaking roof.  Damp on the inside of a roof can be caused by condensation due to inadequate ventilation rather than rain coming in.   Have a reliable roofing contractor check it out before you start looking for other problems.

Solutions for Leaking Roofs

One of the most popular solutions for flat leaking roofs is EPDM. EPDM roofing material is just rubber to you and I. One of the advantages is that it is both cheap and long lasting. Some rubber roofs are still watertight after 20 years. The leading supply of EPDM is a company called Rubber Roofing Direct.

do you supply ventilation tiles?

Hi Justin, yes we do. We offer a number of ventilation tile products, please follow this link to our specifiers site: /products/product-catalogue/productcategory/ventilation-tiles.html
justin mc caffrey on 21 October 2011

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