Lead theft and Rapid Flashing

For centuries the values of lead has been widely known and throughout time it’s been used for many different reasons. The price and value of lead has steadily increased which unfortunately means that the rates of theft also have.
According to a study by insurance company Ecclesiastical, the rate of theft has significantly risen and in 2007 and 2008, lead theft cost the company £9 million. The main places that lead is found and used is in historic buildings such as churches, old houses, town halls etc. and it’s these kinds of buildings which are being widely targeted by thieves. The issue is spread throughout the UK, particularly in Northern Ireland, where there has been a 100% increase in lead thefts, according to reports from the BBC.
These thefts have been so severe in some areas of the UK; it has meant that buildings have had to close for repairs, or even in some cases close indefinitely as the cost to repair the problem was far too high. One example of this unfortunate outcome is in Burnley, Lancashire. The St John the Divine church has had to close as the cost of repairs would’ve been in excess of £400,000.
In response to the high increase in thefts, many different ways to combat it have been put in place. Here are some great tips to help you avoid lead theft:

• CCTV and security lighting are great ways that thieves can be deterred from even attempting to steal from you

• Keep premises secure, making sure that doors, gates etc. are locked

• Get involved in any local neighbourhood watch schemes there may be in place. Having someone else keeping an eye on your premises can be really beneficial.

• Use anti-vandalism paint. The paint will stay on the individual for many months and can easily be recognised by the authorities.

• If the lead is deemed irreplaceable due to costs, MyRedlandRoof provide a unique innovative product called Rapid Flashing. 

Rapid Flashing is a BBA certified solution which can be used instead of lead on the majority of pitched roof applications for detailing around chimney stacks, dormers and abutments.  It's a lightweight, non-toxic alternative to lead flashing but has all the same qualities, is easy to install without tools and is cheaper in price.  It also has no scrap value so is less likely to be stolen.

Rapid Flashing is easy to use due to its self-fusing fully impervious bond that joins flashing and tile/slate. This takes just 30 minutes to mould quickly around the roof details and forms a weather tight and secure seal that’s guaranteed for 15 years when used in conjunction with Redland tiles or slates.  Approved by NHBC, Zurich and local authority building control inspectors, Rapid Flashing is suitable for both social housing and private new build developments as well as renovations.

A roll of Rapid Flashing can be applied directly to the roof, without the need for ancillary items, just scissors or a knife, a ruler and roller from the toolbox. Redland Rapid Flashing outperforms other lead replacement products on ease of use and performance with its flexibility in both directions due to the unique design of its integrated aluminium rib mesh, self-fusing properties and its workability on site.



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