Is your roof warm or cold?

Insulating your roof will save you money as well as making your home more comfortable.  But different types of insulation are needed depending on the type of roof you have.

Cold roofs are those where the loft space is empty and unheated.  Typically the insulation will be thick mineral fibre wool laid between the joists of the loft floor.  Lots of energy companies will provide this for free, so do check if you are eligible.

Cold roofs can also be vulnerable to condensation – particularly in new houses.  If you find that the underside of your cold roof is collecting condensation then you will need to look at the ventilation in the roof.   Cold roofs need a properly designed flow of fresh air.

Warm roofs are those where the loft space is used for living and the space is therefore heated.  You will need insulation to stop this heating simply drifting out through the roof.  Make sure your builder allows for proper insulation immediately under the roof tiles.  This is usually provided by insulation panels installed during the building process.

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