Do you know what makes a good roofing contractor?

Your roof is something that should keep you warm and dry and if invested in properly, it will be sure to last you for many years. When you search for a new roofing contractor, do you just pluck the first name out of the Yellow Pages, go by friends’ recommendations or do you actually know what you should look for? Here’s our checklist of top things you should look out for:

• You should make sure that the contractor’s business is financially sound and that it offers insurance-backed warranties as well as deposit protection.
• Use the internet to find out more about your contractor - people who have used them before will often post reviews of their experiences online.
• Roofing is a skilled trade so the roofer must be properly trained and know their craft.
• Learn the roofing jargon so you can understand what your contractor is talking about when providing you with a quote.

The Government’s Trust Mark scheme covers a range of issues and ensures the contractor is financially sound, so any roofing contractor who carries the Trust Mark logo should be competent and trustworthy.

However it’s not just the contractor that’s important. You need to ensure that the materials you use are also reliable. Redland’s HomeSpec System guarantees the life of all the products used on your roof for ten years.

If you use a member of Redland Select, you get the best of both worlds:  Trust Mark registered companies using Redland roofing systems.  There is no better way to pick a reliable roofing contractor.  Go to our directory to find your nearest Redland Select contractor.

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