Be a winner with Redland tiles!

Its already been an action packed year for the UK, not only have we celebrated the Queens Jubilee in June, watched whilst Murray lost against Federer, but now in July, we are also hosting the most important and talked about event in sporting history!
The Games were first held in London in 1908, that’s over 100 years ago.  At Redland, we’re getting very close to our 100th year birthday! We started back in 1919 as Redhill tile company and have been growing ever since. We now have production sites in over 40 countries which makes us one of the largest  market leaders in our industry.
We’ve been in business for so long due to our technical expertise and good quality, well designed roofing products.  Being a true British brand, we understand how British roofs work and have the technical knowledge as  to what makes them perform, even in the most extreme weather conditions that we sometimes face in the UK.

We invest heavily in the careful manufacturing of all  our products and we pride ourselves on the intensive research and testing that goes into each and every one of our roof tiles, whether they be slate, clay, concrete or solar.
So if you’re thinking of investing in your roof, whether it be a new one to replace your old, a repair, an extension, or even a brand new roof for your new self build home, and are proud of your British Heritage, then think no further, think Redland. 

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