Are you insured for roofing repairs?

Millions of homeowners could end up having to pay over £5,000 each for a new roof because they don’t have adequate home buildings insurance to protect them from much needed roof repairs. has found that almost two thirds of homeowners think their home insurance covers them for all potential roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof replacement, but this is not the case.

Latest government figures show that one in five roofs across the country, more than 4.8 million roofs, are in need of roofing repairs.

But experts at are warning homeowners not to be caught out by the misconception that their roof repairs will be covered under their buildings insurance.

A spokesperson from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) confirmed that: “As a general rule, buildings insurance is not a maintenance contract and therefore does not cover roof damage caused by wear and tear, deterioration and neglect. For example, if roof tiles become worn due to age, they won’t be covered. Foreseeable and preventable incidents, such as roof sagging, are not covered.”

Roofing is one of the biggest problems facing the UK’s ageing housing stock, but most people don’t even consider their roof until something goes wrong, and only 7% of homeowners think about maintaining it. However if you keep an eye on your roof and fix any problems as they occur, it could help you avoid bigger and more costly problems in the future. Nearly 1 in 4 homeowners don’t know how old their roof is. People need to pay attention to their roof to make sure it doesn’t let them down when they least expect it.”

Homeowners can check the state of their roof and prevent thousands of pounds worth of crisis repairs with some simple steps.

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