5 Top Tips on How to Keep Your Roof in Good Working Order

The roof has a very important role in the house and it is vital part of the property’s structure to keep everyone dry and warm. Without the roof, your furniture and belongings can become water-damaged so it is imperative that you keep it in good working order.

Replacing the roof can be extremely expensive therefore it is in your best interest to maintain the tiles properly to save money. There are various methods that you can implement over time to ensure the roof stays intact.

Make sure your investment stays safe for years to come. Here are 5 top tips to keep your roof healthy.

• Ventilation

The roof needs adequate supply of ventilation to prevent condensation. This can be a really weighty problem because if the space is not ventilated the water vapour condenses on the underside of the roof tiles causing damp. The insulation in the roof can become soaked and possibly cause mould and rot on the timbers.

• Check every 6 months for leaks

To keep damage to a minimum, you need to check the property regularly for any leaks. Every 6 months, scan the roof for any leaks, missing tiles or broken slates and fix them as soon as possible. Try standing on the opposite side of the road to look for any signs of damage. If you see any black streaks on the roof this is an indication that mould and fungus is growing on the tiles.

• Keep the gutter clear

Debris in the gutter can build up and this can stop the rain water flowing smoothly. This can then cause a leak so try to keep the gutter clear from any fallen leaves.

• Sagging

Is the roof sagging? This can lead to leaks, broken roof trusses and roof collapse so repair immediately. How do you know if it is sagging? You will be able to see the roof dip slightly. What is more, check if the chimney stack is leaning or if the parapet wall is out of alignment.

• Greenery

Overhanging tree branches can impinge on the roof so cut them all back to avoid damage. If there are any plants or greenery growing out of the roof, remove it immediately.

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