Integrated PV
Redland Grovebury Tile with integrated PV
Redlan Mini Stonewold Tile with integrated PV

Integrated PV

If you are planning to replace your roof (and if it is over 60 years old it may be time you did) then the least obtrusive way to use photovoltaic solar energy is to install an integrated PV system.

This consists of a solar panel system that is designed to be the same shape and size as the rest of the tiles on your roof. It sits unobtrusively within the roofline of your home, simply replacing sections of the roof tiles.  

This type of PV system can be virtually invisible from street level and the roofline itself is unaffected. Not only does this give a very good looking roof, but it can also help with planning regulations in conservation areas or on buildings of particular historical interest.

Different tile designs
Redland’s range of integrated solar panel systems are designed to be completely compatible with several of its most popular tile ranges, meaning that you have the option to include photovoltaic solar power generation whatever the style of roof you choose.

A cost effective answer
Roof-integrated PV solar systems can provide the most cost effective way to generate photovoltaic solar power as they will be installed as part of a re-roofing project. The installation costs (including scaffolding and labour) will be included in the project, so the additional costs associated with the solar photovoltaic system itself will be a small percentage of the whole roof costs.

Of course, any kind of solar PV system will only be cost-effective if it performs well over time. When you are comparing solar PV systems, you should check that they give you a 25 year Power Output Guarantee. The system should last a lot longer than that, but it needs to have this power guarantee to qualify for the Feed In Tariff. (See section on Feed In Tariff).

Guaranteed for the UK market
You should also check that the system you choose has been tested specifically for UK weather conditions. There is no point in installing a system simply to find that it creates leaks in the roof or is damaged by high winds.   

The manufacturer will be able to supply details of all the guarantees and product certifications for the product, so check the manufacturer’s literature before you make your choice.