Can I Save Money on Solar Panel Costs?

Can I Save Money on Solar Panel Costs?

There has been major attention given to sustainable energy in recent years and many homeowners are now asking, how much do solar panels cost? Although you would get the best answer from an MCS certified roofing contractor listed here on My Redlands Roof, there are some key points to consider in terms of solar panels for your home cost.

How to Save Money on Solar Panel Costs

How much are solar panels? This really isn’t the question you should be asking! A better question would be how to save money on the solar panels cost. It is no secret that if you were to go out and purchase solar panels for your home to have installed you would be looking at a sizeable investment. Unfortunately, you would also be looking at paying for every penny out of pocket as the government feed in tariff programme would not compensate for any solar panel cost that is not associated with MCS certified materials and installers.

How MCS Certified Products and Installers Save You Money

However, that is only one aspect of a solar energy system installation that you should be concerned with. Yes, if the installation is performed by an MCS certified contractor using only MCS certified products you will qualify for the feed in tariff but that does take a bit of time to recoup some of your investment. There is another, more immediate way, to ‘compensate’ for some of the solar panel costs and that is to have a solar PV system installed whilst you are re-roofing your home!

For a better idea of the costs associated with solar panels whilst re-roofing your home, contact any of the MCS, Trustmark approved and NFRC accredited roofers listed here on My Redlands Roof. Fill out the short access form on our site and you will immediately be provided a list of Select roofers and roofing contractors local to you. If they are not amongst the best to be found, you surely will not find them here, and that’s a My Redlands Roof promise.