Finding Accurate MCS Information on Solar Panels Suppliers and Installers

Finding Accurate MCS Information on Solar Panels Suppliers and Installers

Unless you understand the rules and regulations governing roof solar panels installations in terms of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, you can actually be led astray when seeking out solar panels suppliers or a solar panel manufacturer. There is altogether too much misinformation out there, especially on the internet, so you should be careful of what you read and who you listen to. My Redlands Roof hopes to help correct that to some degree by providing you with a list of MCS certified installers to contact with any questions concerning the installation of solar panels or about solar panel manufacturers.

Which Are the Best Solar Panel Roof Tiles?

One thing you may want to consider is looking into the types of solar panel roof tiles available. Whilst many people think of a rooftop solar energy system as solar PV cells that are unsightly and hard to disguise, there are solar panel roof tiles that are unobtrusive and ‘almost’ undetectable to the eye. My Redlands Roof offers a selection of tiles in five different ranges and any of the Select MCS installers is well qualified to help you choose the right tiles for your home.

The Benefits of Contracting My Redlands Roof Select Roofing Contractors

Not only can you be assured that Select MCS certified roofers you find here are well able to install a solar power system that meets the rigid requirements for the feed in tariff eligibility, each of these contractors know the best solar panel companies and solar panel suppliers. In fact, that’s what you’ll find right here on My Redlands Roof so we invite you to take some time to browse our site. Fill out the quick short form to get a call back from a Select roofing contractor in your area or find one by reading through the list we have provided for you. In either case, you will know you are in good hands because each and every roofer we recommend is Trustmark approved.