Accredited Local Builders for Roofing Renovations

Whether you are interested in renovating your current home or buying a ‘fixer upper,’ the one thing you will want is a list of resources when choosing builders and roofers. Keep in mind that not all builders are qualified to make the renovations you require. In fact, when sorting through a list of recommended builders, there are certain accreditations and/or certifications you should be aware of.

FMB Master Bond Accreditation

It takes literally years to earn accreditation by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) which is why this is one accreditation which should always be a priority when choosing your renovation team. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior updates or even new roofs, settle for nothing less than local builders who have been FMB accredited.

NFRC Accreditation

If you are looking to repair the existing roof or install a whole new roofing system, being accredited with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) is of ultimate importance. Whilst it might sound cliché, there are roofers and then there are roofers and anything less than an NFRC accredited roofer may not be able to provide the quality craftsmanship it takes for a sound roofing structure.

MCS Certification

Sometimes what starts out as a simple plan to recover a roof turns into a project of major proportions. In these times of high energy costs, many UK homeowners are looking into sustainable energy sources to offset those ever rising costs. If you are thinking of installing solar panels then you will need a Trustmark approved roofer who has been certified in the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. General builders and roofers may not have the knowledge and expertise to install a solar power system that is sufficient for your needs.

Take a few moments to browse through the recommended roofers and contractors we have provided for you here on My Redlands Roof as we have listed those which meet and/or exceed these requirements.