Redland Heritage

1919  Redhill Tile Company was established to manufacture the newly developed concrete roof tile – a product that was immediately successful as a long-lasting, cost-effective and attractive alternative to hand-made clay and natural slate roofing materials.

1946 Company (now called Redland Tiles Limited) plays a key role in the repair of bomb-damaged houses.

1949 Development of the first single lap concrete tile: Redland 49.  Now estimated to be used on millions of houses.

1955 Redland quoted on the London Stock exchange

1960s The company grows rapidly, establishing seven new factories.

1970   Redland launches the UKs first Dry Verge system.  From this beginning, the company goes on to develop its Dry-Fix system and a range of components.  This allows Redland to offer guarantees for an entire roof system.

1983 The first 100 year guarantee for concrete tiles

1984 Redland acquires Rosemary Brick and Tile company, supplying clay tiles and opens its Rassau factory to manufacturer the country’s first reconstituted slate – Cambrian.

1990 The roofing industry’s first Training Centre expands at South Cerney and a new £2 million Wind Tunnel testing facility is opened.

1991 Cambrian slate wins Queens Award for Technological Achievement

1994 Guaranteed SpecMaster service launched to provide contractors with detailed design advice.  SpecMaster gives comprehensive information on the design and specification of whole roof systems.

1997 Redland acquired by Lafarge

2003 The company changes its name to Lafarge Roofing

2004 Innovations continue, with a focus on components and whole roof design.  The concept of The Breathing Roof is introduced.

2007 Lafarge sells Lafarge Roofing to PAI Partners.

2008 Lafarge Roofing becomes Monier Ltd.   2008 sees the return of the respected Redland brand in the UK.

2009 Redland celebrates its 90th birthday.

2010 2nd generation solar PV tile products launched.

2011 Redland establishes Redland Select – an independently checked association of contractors to install Redland roofing systems.