Comparing house renovation costs with Self Build homes

Comparing house renovation costs with Self Build homes

If you are torn between renovating the home you have and starting a new self build home, perhaps it would help to compare the costs. There actually are times that house renovation costs are higher than building a new self build home and it would help if you could just sit down and do a cost comparison. In either case, if cost is an issue, you might want to get the expert advice of an FMB Master Bond accredited builder.

Why FMB Master Bond Accredited Contractors

The Federation of Master Builders MasterBond membership, FMB, accredits builders in every aspect of the industry from general contractors to roofers and there is actually no higher recommendation than to be FMB Master Bond accredited. It takes years and expertise to gain this honourable title, not just paying annual dues into membership as certain criteria must be met prior to making application.

MCS Certified Roofers for Solar Installations

Of course, if you are looking at house renovation as opposed to self build because you want to utilise the latest advances in solar power technology, don’t forget to check out our listing of MCS certified roofers that we have here on My Redlands Roof. Microgeneration Certification Scheme roofers are the only ones recognised by government as being able to install MCS equipment if you are interested in taking part of the feed in tariff programme.

Earn Money Back with the Feed-in Tariff Programme

In fact, if you are looking at house renovation costs then you just might be a prime candidate for this programme as any excess power you generate could be fed into the grid, thereby making money back for you. Just keep in mind that you will only qualify for the feed in tariff if you use MCS materials installed only by and MCS certified roofer.

Learning how to build a house can be a bit overwhelming if you are not in the industry, as can discovering which renovations can save you money along the way. Whether you are looking to self build a home or renovate your existing domicile, take the time to consult with an FMB accredited contractor to get tips to save you time, money and a whole lot of frustration.