The Best Loft Conversions with an Eye to the Future

The Best Loft Conversions with an Eye to the Future

We have been hearing more and more about loft conversions in the UK and without a doubt this is a trend that has captured the attention of some of the most sought after home designers and architects. In fact, there are a number of reasons why so many homeowners are choosing loft conversions over moving to a bigger home but mostly a loft conversion is a grand idea for adding living space without incurring a larger monthly mortgage repayment that would come with that bigger home!

Loft Conversions Fetch a Higher Asking Price

As a matter of fact, the best loft conversions can actually add value to your home well above and beyond what the construction cost. If there is a possibility that your family will eventually need to move to a new location or a significantly bigger dwelling then it makes sense to consider a loft conversion now. The best loft conversions will allow for more space for your family whilst you place your home on the market with an asking price amenable to making the necessary move to a bigger house.

My Redlands Roof Select Roofers are Nationally Accredited

My Redlands Roof has provided a list of Select roofing contractors for you to choose from when looking for the best loft conversions to meet your specific needs. Each of these roofers is Trustmark approved which means that they meet with the highest standards in professional ethics, reliability and trustworthiness. As well, you will find roofers who have also been accredited by such prestigious UK organisations as the National Federation of Roofing Contractors and the Federation of Master Builders.

For those who are looking into adding solar PV cells to your new roof whilst undergoing a loft conversion, contact some of our recommended Microgeneration Certification Scheme Select roofers who can help you realise a profit by feeding power into the national grid. At My Redlands Roof you can choose from the elite amongst UK roofers.