Terraced House and Semi Detached Loft Conversions

Terraced House and Semi Detached Loft Conversions

One of the reasons why it is so important to talk with a licensed contractor when planning a loft conversion is because of the fact that not all loft conversions work equally well for all style homes. Sometimes a terraced house loft conversion, by the very nature of the structure, will need to be totally different than the type of construction which could be used for semi detached loft conversions. My Redlands Roof provides a list of expert specialists in loft conversions whom can be contacted to do an inspection of your home in order to discuss your options whilst giving you a quote.

The Difference between Semi Detached and Terraced House Loft Conversions

If you live in a semi detached home you have more liberty in what you can do with a loft conversion because there are no adjoining neighbours to worry about. Loft conversion terraced house plans need to account for the adjoining party wall and the structure of the supporting beam. There are very precise regulations in effect for terraced houses when it comes to loft conversions where this may not necessarily be the case with semi detached homes.

Planning Permissions and Building Regulations

When it comes to a semi detached loft conversion the planning permissions and building regulations which must be considered have to do with the type of roof on the home. If there will be no significant changes to the roofline then there is a very good possibility that you will need no special planning permissions. However, you should still be mindful of local ordinances before beginning construction.

My Redlands Roof has provided a list of NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) Select roofers for you to consult with. They are all Trustmark approved which means that they have met with the strictest of criteria in terms of being reliable and trustworthy. Whether you need to alter your roofline or simply build a loft conversion in your current loft space, these are the Master Craftsmen to get the job done with expert precision.