Roofing Contractors and Loft Conversion Specialists

Roofing Contractors and Loft Conversion Specialists

Although loft conversions in the UK are the ultimate in home renovations, it may not be readily apparent that the finest contractors for the job are roofers. Actually, roof construction and loft conversion are inseparable and many people choose to convert their lofts when reroofing their homes. This is actually an ideal time to undergo construction on a loft conversion, especially if there will be roof conversions involved. If the roofline is to be changed in significant way for the loft conversion, then the home would need a new roof in that area anyway.

Skylights and Headroom

There are a couple of reasons why a loft conversion may necessitate a new roof in certain areas. The first consideration would be if there were to be skylights installed during the conversion. As well, there are times when the existing loft isn’t tall enough for the average person to walk upright. Adding headroom and installing skylights are two of the reasons why roof construction and loft conversion are handled simultaneously.

Seeking Advice from Loft Conversion Specialists

If you are unsure whether or not you will need to alter the roof construction when having a loft conversion built it would be a good idea to speak with a qualified loft conversion specialist. Since roof construction and loft conversion are often handled in tandem, you best bet for finding a qualified professional in your area would be to browse through the listings we have here on My Redlands Roof.

You will find that the Select roofers in your area are Trustmark approved and most are accredited by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. If there are any planning permissions or building regulations to be aware of before undergoing the roof construction and loft conversion, these would be the experts to best advise you as they are among the finest in all of the UK.