Proper Insulation a Key Factor in Loft Conversion Prices

Proper Insulation a Key Factor in Loft Conversion Prices

When you meet with one of the My Redlands Roof Select Roofers to discuss your plans of converting that cold, damp attic space to a lovely new loft, don’t forget to ask about loft insulation prices. Keep in mind that improper insulation can have a negative impact on how comfortable that new living area will be when complete. Even if you don’t intend to complete the project all at one go, there are reasons why you should focus on insulation in the very beginning stages.

Why Loft Conversion Prices Need to Include Proper Insulation

Did you know that you can lose as much as 15% of your winter heat through your attic, and ultimately through your roof? With the high cost of energy that is a significant loss! There should be no skimping on loft insulation prices if you intend to keep your home energy efficient. Most attics aren’t well insulated and they certainly aren’t constructed with the strength necessary to build a loft extension so hiring a properly accredited roofer is of prime importance.

Warm, Cosy and Energy Efficient Loft Conversions

My Redlands Roof Select craftsmen who are Trustmark approved and accredited by the NFRC or the FMB (National of Federation Roofing Contractors and Federation of Master Builders respectively) will see to it that your loft conversion prices account for structural integrity and insulation so that the end result is a safe, warm and cosy area fit to be inhabited. You may also wish to find a roofer who is certified in the Microgeneration Certification Scheme so that you can have solar PV cells installed at the same time if you are looking to further cut heating costs by generating your own power!

If cost is an issue, at the very least begin with an accredited roofer who will help you choose the right insulation to keep loft conversion prices reasonable in the beginning stages. After the structural changes and insulation are seen to, you have ample time to deal with interior design along the way. Your loft conversion will at least be structurally sound and energy efficient.