Practical Considerations for Loft Extensions

Practical Considerations for Loft Extensions

Before you can actually begin planning your lovely new loft it would help to get some sound loft conversion ideas so that you can estimate cost and whether or not you will need to get any planning permissions before commencing construction. There are basically two main types of loft conversions, dormer and roofline lofts.
Keep in mind the height you have to work with up there in your attic as a roofline conversion wouldn’t work well if you don’t have sufficient headroom for the average height person to walk upright. In this case you would need to consider having plans drawn up for loft extensions (dormer) to add the height needed for the conversion.

Comparative Cost between Dormer and Roofline Loft Conversions

Since a dormer loft conversion is often used synonymously with ‘loft extension,’ you can clearly see that this is usually the more expensive of the two. Unfortunately, if you don’t have ample headroom there is no way around the loft extension cost, unless however you are simply building a playroom for children! A roofline loft conversion does not need to alter the roofline in any major way and will not generally require any special planning permissions as would a dormer loft conversion. Here again, the cost of planning permissions along with the added construction costs both contribute to the greater cost of dormers.

Other ‘Hidden’ Costs to Consider

When getting loft ideas there are hidden costs that you may not be aware of. Loft flooring can be an issue if you don’t take into account that underlying timbers will most likely need to be replaced or augmented to carry the additional weight. This is one of the major problem areas which DIYers run into when trying to build a loft conversion. Even if you are not building a loft extension (dormer) there will be extra weight that wasn’t planned for when constructing the original attic. By planning accordingly you can save yourself the frustration of ripping up that new flooring to add additional timbers!

The best advice for getting practical yet lovely loft conversion ideas would be to speak with a specialist in the field. My Redlands Roof provides a list of well qualified Trustmark approved NFRC roofers who specialise in loft conversions which are easily constructed whilst re-roofing a home. Find one in your area to consult with so that you know what you are looking at in terms of practicality, cost and time.