Loft Insulation to Keep the Chill Out

Loft Insulation to Keep the Chill Out

One of the most alluring ‘side benefits’ to building a loft conversion is the added insulation it provides for the rest of the home. Not only will you be gaining additional living space but that extra loft insulation will provide yet another layer between the frigid winter temperatures and the lower floors. In fact, it is essential to install the best loft insulation possible, especially if that added space is to be used as an extra bedroom or guestroom.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Loft Insulation

We are all concerned with the high cost of energy and just how much it costs to keep our homes warm in the colder months and this is usually the reason why we invest in loft insulation. Of course it would be nice to convert that extra space upstairs into a usable living area but at the very least, if a loft conversion is out of the question at the moment, loft insulation is a must. What you probably didn’t know about loft insulation is that it can reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Did you know that going from an uninsulated loft to one insulated with the required thickness of 270mm you can save the environment from approximately 730kg of CO2 per year?

Where to Find Loft Insulation Companies

Once you have decided to insulate that loft to save you money on energy whilst keeping your home warmer, you may be a bit unclear as to whom to call to install your loft insulation. Actually, any of the My Redlands Roof Trustmark approved Select roofers can do the job. We don’t always think of roofers as loft insulation companies, but in reality the loft is part of the roof system of your home. It is built to provide ventilation and an added barrier between the roof and your home. Check out the list of Select roofers we have provided for you so that you will be ready before the first wave of winter puts a chill on your home.