Loft Conversions Require Special Attention to Loft Boarding

Loft Conversions Require Special Attention to Loft Boarding

If you are simply trying to utilise that extra space in your attic as a bit of extra storage there may not be a need to lay any further loft boards unless you plan to floor the loft or add panels to the walls. However, it is important to understand that most lofts were not built to withstand the additional weight which would need to be accounted for when converting your loft into extra living space.

The Importance of Professional Installations

Although there may be times when planning permissions will not be needed, there are many more instances when loft conversions require local planning permissions and safety inspections, especially when making significant changes to your roofline. If more headroom is needed as in Dormer loft conversions, permissions will be required and most often the structure will need to be reinforced with regulation strength loft boards to ensure the safety of those occupying the finished loft conversion.

Inherent Difficulties in Laying Loft Boards

Whilst it is a fairly simple and straightforward process to lay loft boards in the centre of the loft, it is another matter altogether getting into those nooks and crannies under the eaves. Since you will most often employ a Trustmark approved FMB Master Builder or NRFC roofer to construct the new roof when building a loft conversion, these will be the workmen who see to loft boarding at the same time. They will reach those out-of-the-way, hard to reach corners to see to the structural integrity of your new loft conversion as part of the contracted work.

When looking for a roofing contractor to construct your new roof and loft conversion, check out the list of local Select roofers My Redlands Roof has listed for you. You will want to see that the craftsman you choose is not only Trustmark approved for reliability and trustworthiness, but that they are accredited with either the Federation of Master Builders or the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, or both! When it comes to converting a loft and employing regulation loft boards for your safety, there is no such thing as over qualified.