Loft Conversions Add Value to Your Property

Loft Conversions Add Value to Your Property

Adding a new home office or an extra guestroom is not a problem when you have all that extra attic space just waiting to be converted to a lovely new room or rooms! If you are worried about the expense then you can simply talk to a licensed and accredited Trustmark approved roofer you can find here on My Redlands Roof. However, when trying to discover how much for a loft conversion you will need to set aside, it is often far less than it would be to upgrade to a bigger home! Besides, you’ll be adding value to your current domicile in the event that you should want to sell down the road.

Choose Only Master Craftsmen

Some of the aspects you should be looking at when calculating costs are whether or not you will be significantly changing the line of your existing roof. This will most often require proper planning permissions as established by government in the area of the UK where you live. My Redlands Roof has provided a list of the best roofers with the highest qualifications in the industry who will be privy to government regulations in your area. Choose from any of these craftsmen who have been accredited by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) or the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). All of our recommended roofers are Trustmark approved so there are no worries there!

Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Roofer

How much is a loft conversion? There is no way to give you a quote without a proper inspection of what you have to work with. Here are some points you may need to consider:

• Does your current roofing/attic structure have the proper timbers to accommodate extra weight?
• Will you need to significantly alter your existing roof lines?
• Will you need to pay fees for planning permissions?
• What interior decorating do you plan to do?
• Will you need an entire new roof structure and cover?
• Are you going to install solar PV panels to generate power? (MCS roofers)
• How many windows and skylights will you be installing?

And the list goes on ad infinitum. You will get the answers you are looking for by consulting with the recommended roofers and roofing contractors you can find here on My Redlands Roof.